EASA Part 66 Training

Modular courses

CTS offers a flexible, modular programs that provides the EASA Part 66 Training Full Course and approved EASA Part 66 examinations to obtain the certification on categories B1.1 and B2

How will I study my course?
  • Full time, or individual modules; Modular courses are run twice a year with the examinations being held at the end of each module.
  • You will study primarily by way of classroom-based lectures and tutorials at College for Tomorrow’s Success (CTS) and practical workshops at Airplane Technics (ATL).
  • A variety of Approved Examinations are also available throughout the year

How long will my course last?
  • Full time: 2 years

What is special about this course?

  • This is the course according to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) syllabus for certifying
  • Aircraft mechanics with partnership of EASA part 145 certificate holder Maintenance Company (ATL), potential employer after graduation.

Module 1. MathematicsModule 1. Mathematics
Module 2. PhysicsModule 2. Physics
Module 3. Electrical FundamentalsModule 3. Electrical Fundamentals
Module 4. Electronic FundamentalsModule 4. Electronic Fundamentals
Module 5. Digital TechniquesModule 5. Digital Techniques
Electronic Instrument Systems Electronic Instrument Systems
Module 6. Materials and HardwareModule 6. Materials and Hardware
Module 7A. Maintenance PracticesModule 7A. Maintenance Practices
Module 8. Basic AerodymamicsModule 8. Basic Aerodymamics
Module 9A. Human FactorsModule 9A. Human Factors
Module 10. Aviation LegislationModule 10. Aviation Legislation
Module 11A. Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics,Module 13. Aircraft Aerodynamics,
Structures and Systems Structures and Systems
Module 15. Gas Turbine EngineModule 14. Propulsion
Module 17. Propeller








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